Puns are no longer allowed

A collection of objects representing the names of satirical newspapers in politically repressive countries: the Crocodile (Krokodil) and the Stag Beetle from the USSR; Eugenspiegel from East Germany; the Hornet (Ad-Dabbour) in Syrian-occupied Lebanon; Lúdas Matyi from Hungary; the Porcupine (Dikobraz) and the Nettle (Koprivy) from Czechoslovakia; and the Needles (Szpilki) from Poland.

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Stained glass window: a reliquary for a bodiless city

In San Francisco, interring a body or even cremating it is illegal. There are no cemeteries in San Francisco. The Presidio and Mission Dolores graves found loopholes. Otherwise, we comply by exporting our corpses southbound to Colma, the “cemetery town.” We’re left behind in a weird, bodiless vacuum of a city. And yet, the Diego, […]

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