Helping you see and be seen.

This 3-D animation recreates a specific class of lighthouse lenses invented in France during the 19th century and implemented throughout the United States in places like the Alcatraz penitentiary. Known as Fresnel lenses after the French engineer and physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel, they demonstrate Fresnel’s new theorization of wave optics and the behavior of light, yet visually present as ornate, baroque objects, varying endlessly from one case […]

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Stigmata structures

Cast in concrete, these pieces reiterate the historical sign of the stigmata in broken and crumbling segments, supported on thin wooden joints. The sculptures are distributed throughout each space through the logic of reanimated and wandering parts, straying from their original formation as if independently conscious. In Holy Wounds, using the circular design representative of […]

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Boundary stones, unfolded (six fallen stones taken from the border wall of the Santa Clara Convent)

Using Photoshop as a digital form of stonemasonry, I carve apart these stones that were once part of the boundary between the former monastery of Santa Clara and the remainder of the nearby town of Belalcázar. By reducing this stone from a heavy obstruction to a flattened, two-dimensional image, I attempt to dismantle its symbolic role marking […]

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