July/August 2016 residency in Trondheim, Norway

From LKV’s site:
Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) is housed in a former school building from 1906, near the centre of Trondheim. It consists of 37 studios for professional artists as well as common workshops such as darkroom, printing workshop and computer room.
In 1996 LKV established a residency program to facilitate international mobility and collaboration opportunities with the local art scene. LKV also runs an experimental art space, Babel, which gives our guest artists an opportunity to present themselves and their work.

As part of my residency, I’m devoting time to building a digital archive of optical devices. These are specifically a series of fictional iterations on Fresnel lenses so that the database as a whole becomes a fictional archive of source material, which I can draw from for future projects. As tools for optics, I’m comparing them to divining seers or portals.