July–August 2015 residency in belalcázar, córdoba (spain)

Founded in 2010, La Fragua is an international residency program and arts center located in the 15th century Monastery of Santa Clara in province of Belalcázar, approximately 1 hour north of the city of Cordoba on the border of Andalusia and Extremadura.

La Fragua is a non-profit cultural organization conceived with the purpose of developing the arts in the rural environment. A multi-purpose public space for artistic research, production, and exhibiting – a place for artists working with moving projects which aim to dynamically reinterpret the rural environment. More than 180 artists have participated in the program at La Fragua since it’s inception, contributing to the growth and identity of the center with exhibitions, presentations, events and activities involving the community.

La Fragua is part of a social change in Spain, a long-term revolution that aims to reinterpret the cultural panorama and be a reminder for the community that art can enrich our reality, and prepare us for freedom.
Paper renderings and drawings of stones and rubble from the convent and boundary wall at La Fragua.

Working during the 100ºF+ days of summer in the dry region of Córdoba, thinking about the out-of-order well which still contained inaccessible water 20 feet below ground, I experimented with using cacti to mark the well and trace the shadowed borders of “sun gardens.”

Inspired by the stone mosaics used to mark town squares and show off the seals and icons of different cities throughout Spain, I built my own mosaic marking the distance between Belalcázar and San Francisco.

Using a tube of paper to shield my camera from the blinding sun, I discovered I could create these concentrated photos with a digital feel.

Different attempts to repurpose the pattern of the holy wounds of christ, discovered next door at the convent of Santa Clara.

Different attempts to construct and deconstruct new versions of the stones fallen from the boundary walls and central structure of the monastery where the residency was based.

Some initial experiments with form and color in my new space at the residency.

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