Insomnia, memory loss, lethargy, and insanity

INSOMNIA, MEMORY LOSS, LETHARGY, AND INSANITY DIGITAL PRINTS ON POLYESTER, COPPER PIPES, CINDER BLOCKS 5 X 8 FOOT EACH 2021 A series of digital works printed on fabric combine abstraction and distortion as well as images of glass Fresnel lenses found in internet searches. Together, the resulting images embody mathematical principles from quantum physics and […]

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Sympathetic associations: interference patterns

SYMPATHETIC ASSOCIATIONS: INTERFERENCE PATTERNS DIGITAL PRINT ON OUTDOOR-GRADE NYLON, RATCHET STRAPS 15 X 22 FEET 2020 Commissioned for Play/ground 2020, a public art exhibition organized by Resource:Art and the Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art, Sympathetic associations is a large-scale digital print on fabric suspended in the skyway adjacent to Buffalo’s Explore & More Children’s Museum […]

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