Monstratsiya archive

MONSTRATSIYA ARCHIVE FROSTING ON GLASS 2017 – 2018 Reappropriating absurdist Russian protest signs known as monstratsiya (-monstrations), the works call to loophole behaviors used to circumnavigate legal complications where illegibility and ‘invisibility’ are rendered as effective as direct action. Here, the act of archiving monstratsiya protest signs serves to document these ephemeral gestures and give them permanent […]

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Four acts of aggression / four acts against aggression

I: FOUR ACTS OF AGGRESSION / FOUR ACTS AGAINST AGGRESSION MENDED VEHICLE GLASS, GOLD LEAF, MYLAR, AND ACETATE 2014 II: CIVIC/ACCORD VIDEO 2015 Four Acts represents a meditation on the pleasures and perils of violence and the forms that crime and aggression take.  These are forms that I link to the imagined moment of impact when […]

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