Cloud reliefs

CLOUD RELIEFS CERAMIC, SPRAY PAINT 2019 Created in response to decorative ornaments commonly found on bridges in Zhujiajiao, these ceramic reliefs record traces of the urban architecture and ubiquitous symbols present in the vicinity of the Untitled Space residency in an outer suburb of Shanghai, China. This represents part of an ongoing collaborative practice with […]

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Overhead, afterimage

OVERHEAD, AFTERIMAGE UNTITLED SPACE, SHANGHAI DECEMBER 2019 – JANUARY 2020 Overhead, afterimage is an exhibition of new and past work exploring the distinction between the functional and the decorative, deconstructing commonplace objects associated with architecture, navigation, and the relationship between built and natural environments. The first three works are graphite drawings on paper depicting abstract, […]

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Boundary stones, unfolded (six fallen stones taken from the border wall of the Santa Clara Convent)

BOUNDARY STONES, UNFOLDED (SIX FALLEN STONES TAKEN FROM THE BORDER WALL OF THE SANTA CLARA CONVENT) DIGITAL PRINTS 2015   Using Photoshop as a digital form of stonemasonry, I carve apart these stones that were once part of the boundary between the former monastery of Santa Clara and the remainder of the nearby town of Belalcázar. […]

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TRACERIES MIXED MEDIA INCORPORATING ELEMENTS OF LIGHT 2015 EXHIBITED AT LA FRAGUA RESIDENCY, BELALCAZAR, CÓRDOBA (SPAIN) Titled Traceries after the decorative stonework elements used as a support structure in Gothic stained glass windows, these wire and wax-paper sculptures comprise observational drawings of the fallen stones and architectural rubble on-site at the La Fragua residency.  Shown within the […]

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