Sympathetic associations: interference patterns

SYMPATHETIC ASSOCIATIONS: INTERFERENCE PATTERNS DIGITAL PRINT ON OUTDOOR-GRADE NYLON, RATCHET STRAPS 15 X 22 FEET 2020 Commissioned for Play/ground 2020, a public art exhibition organized by Resource:Art and the Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art, Sympathetic associations is a large-scale digital print on fabric suspended in the skyway adjacent to Buffalo’s Explore & More Children’s Museum […]

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Overhead, afterimage

Overhead, afterimage is an exhibition of new and past work exploring the distinction between the functional and the decorative, deconstructing commonplace objects associated with architecture, navigation, and the relationship between built and natural environments. The first three works are graphite drawings on paper depicting abstract, contrasting patterns known as wave interference patterns. The physical process […]

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Stained Glass Window and Meteorite Reflecting Pool

I: STAINED GLASS WINDOW COLLAGE OF LASERJET PRINTS ON ACETATE 7 FOOT (DIAMETER) 2015 II: METEORITE REFLECTING POOL SLIPCAST CERAMIC, DARKENED PLEXIGLAS, 1 CM OF WATER 4 X 8 X 1 FEET 2015 Etymologically, San Francisco’s necropolis Colma derives its name from a native Costanoan word for moon—notable with recent companies like Celestis, Inc. partnering […]

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Fourteen Square Feet of International Water

FOURTEEN SQUARE FEET OF INTERNATIONAL WATER(37°30’N 122°48’W) DIGITAL PRINT ON CANVAS, WOODEN RAFT 2015 The piece shows a pixelated satellite image of water, printed on canvas, stretched across the surface of a raft. When exhibited, the raft was moored for a week at Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture, placing in the midst of the […]

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