Adapted photographs from the Expatriate Archive Centre show images of oil rigs and humid landscapes, interrupted by degradation and decay marks on the images’ surfaces—likely from their itinerant life before entering the Archive. Considering vision and the sensory deprivation, these photos with deteriorating surfaces seem to mirror the sensory overload of a passer-through encountering unfamiliar landscapes, people, and even the pathogens and microscopic hazards of unknown terrains.

Created with generous support from the Expatriate Archive Centre for the project Saudade. The Saudade project celebrates the Expatriate Archive Centre’s 10th anniversary with 10 archive-inspired art pieces by 10 artists from around the world, which fit together inside a traveling suitcase.

Images are courtesy of the Expatriate Archive Centre. Photography by Carmen Morlon, Thomas Nondh Jansen, and Natalie McIlroy.

THOMAS NONDH JANSEN - SAUDADE - EXHIBITION00014THOMAS NONDH JANSEN - SAUDADE - EXHIBITION00010THOMAS NONDH JANSEN - SAUDADE - EXHIBITION00002Saudade_EverythingWentShimmery_Photo by Natalie McIlroyImage 4 Source Expatriate Archive Centre Photo by Carmen MorlonImage 1 Source Expatriate Archive Centre Photo by Carmen MorlonSaudade 01Saudade 02saudade 04Saudade 05