Etymologically, San Francisco’s necropolis “Colma” derives from a native Costanoan word for moon—notable with recent companies like Celestis, Inc. partnering with NASA to provide memorial spaceflights delivering your ashes to their place of eternal rest on the surface of the moon or deep into space. Using acetate printed with LaserJet photographs of the cemeteries in Colma, CA, I construct a stained-glass moon suspended from the rafters. Below, a lunar reflecting pool is filled with a centimeter of water on black Plexiglas, displaying one dozen ceramic funeral vases modeled after iron meteorites.

Stained glass window based on the cartography of the moon:

LaserJet prints on acetate, tape; 7′ diameter; 2015

Meteorite reflecting pool:

Ceramics on black Plexiglas, water; 1′ x 4′ x 8′; 2015